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Printed catalog

Inhaling the scent of printer's ink.

I was really hoping to get it done by the birthday, but we're a bit behind schedule.

This is not a complete catalog - rather a catalog of works that are conditionally "available". Some are at home, in the studio. Others are in private collections, but close by, so that I can come and take pictures. 

174 works.

Included are paintings, studies/still lifes, a little watercolor, a little gouache, one (1) pencil drawing.

We will finish the complete catalog, but there are problems with literate text and high-quality photos - many of the works that were sold in the 90s were shot on a terrible camera. It is impossible to reshoot them, as they have scattered all over the world - Israel, Belgium, USA, Japan ...

This is a test copy, the edition (very small) is still in progress - but it will be soon. If you want to get a copy - write.

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