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Victoria Trunova’s background and journey in the art world: Victoria was born in 1958, in a city of Kharkiv, Ukraine (a part of USSR at the time). She begun to draw from very early years. At the school, she was officially allowed to draw during the lessions - because she drew anyway. She started her formal art education from attending the I. Repin Art School. Then, she studied at Alexey Shtern and Vitaly Kulikov studio. Graduated from Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts in 1980. Her inspiration: Victoria was a representative of the 'Ukrainian New Wave' art movement, which emerged as a response by Soviet youth to years of artistic repression in the Soviet Union and as a consequence of the liberalization of Soviet society. The artist drew inspiration from classical avant-garde, Western modernism, and post-modernism. The themes and underlying messages in her work: Victoria worked in various genres throughout her life, ranging from almost realistic portraiture and still life to narrative conceptual painting. Among her works, there is a notable theme of rock and jazz music, with a series dedicated to musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, George Benson, and others. Another theme she explored is Tarot cards, especially the Cups suit. Her art also reflects the influence of various world mythologies, including Indian, Greek, and others. In recent years, Victoria's work has addressed the events of the war in Ukraine, as seen in series like "Who Will Shoot at My Window - Die," "Air Raid Sirens," and others.

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